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trends or remakes?

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trends or remakes

Employment responsible with the environment, communities and shared knowledge were designated as 2017 Coworking Trends; But if we read in between lines, if we meditate about this, we realize that this is what the human race has been looking through existence: an employment committed with the environment, with society, the city, with the own human race and everything that surrounds it.

So far this year, we can see that tendency has clustered in collaboration. Companies have started to realize that improving the workplace, was efficient to the employee and the community. This change has certainly improved productivity and reduced costs.

There has also been a meaningful upturn in specialization, Coworkings dedicated to specific topics such as communication, environment, photography, etc. This way is easier and more effective to reach the wanted target.

The participation of SMEs in coworking spaces is encouraging for the sector, as this is expected to create greater dynamism. Also there are the new services that had widen the spectrum, such as audits, consultants or business competitors; being added to the variety of professionals that are already using this spaces that were considered exclusive property of the known as ‘liberal professions’.

And last but not least we have the adaption factor that is producing big changes in this type of spaces, but what is really important is that at the end just the Coworkings that adapt will survive.

We could continue listing thousands of subjects, nevertheless the purpose of this article is not to lash out tendencies, but to applaud to remakes or adaptations that the human being has been creating through existence, with the purpose to improve their ambiances, which they have accomplished. Much of this thanks to Coworkings, an idea that emerged in Germany and that has been improving over time.


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