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We are very much entering an era of remote work.


In this era, we see more and more businesses wishing to “go remote” and include remote work as an integral part of their operations. This does not just apply to individuals, such as freelancers. 
Large corporations, too, are increasingly appreciating the benefits of remote work and enjoying the opportunities that come from being able to combine profitable work with flexibility.
In the past few years, remote work has become progressively popular with both employees and employers.
Approximately 3.7 million Americans work remotely at least half of the day; this is according to Global Workplace Analytics.

Remote work is the way of the future. 

There so many remote work success stories and more and more companies all over the globe are building successful businesses with remote workers. The number of people searching for remote jobs is growing fast but there’s not yet a clear understanding of the remote work scene. 
To help people getting into remote work there is an event that, over others, is quickly becoming the most relevant meeting for remote workers and digital nomad. It is called Nomad City it is already the third edition and will take place on the second week of October in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain. 

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According to their webpage “Nomad City is a yearly event focusing on remote work, distributed companies and location independent entrepreneurship. The event is designed to help professionals and companies start their journey into remote work, or make existing remote teams more productive”.

The organizers say that the aim of the event is making remote work accessible to everyone.

Understanding why Nomad City is becoming such an important event is easy if you have a look at the speakers lineup of this new edition. They can already count on the participation of companies such as Google, Evernote, Buffer, Toptal, GitHub, Hotjar and more are joining in.
But Nomad City is not just a conference, is a full week of workshops, talks, outdoor activities and meetups. 
For the 8th to the 11th of October, every day starts with an outdoor activity followed by two workshops. The workshops are designed to help participants getting the right skills to go remote.
The 12th is fully dedicated to the Keynote Workshops which we can consider kind of keynotes focused on specific topics, while the 13th is the day of the big Conference where speakers from the most innovative companies will talk about the future of work.
NOMADCITYGC 2018 doesn’t only looks like a great place to be but also a fantastic opportunity to meet people from all around the world that believe in working remotely as well as experts in the field in the form of both companies and professionals. 
Added to this, it takes place in the beautiful setting of Gran Canaria; a great place to experience the real benefit of working remotely. Gran Canaria is a remote workers paradise due to it´s mild temperatures all year long, the amazing connectivity , the 3mile long urban beach and the international vibrant community.
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