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Would you pay your workers to attend a coworking?

Alquilar oficinas Las Palmas.
The daily journey to our company offices are one of the main problems in our day to day. One way to avoid this is with remote working. If part of the staff adopts remote working, there will begin to be a surplus of seats and spaces in the office. In that case, not much space is needed and the savings in rent is remarkable for companies / multinationals.

Some companies in the United States, are closing their offices and paying their employees a salary bonus to go to a coworking space near their home.

One of the main reasons is for the daily traffic savings to the office, where if they work from a nearby coworking, it can be less stressful saving not only time, but also quality of life and money.

The main ingredients of coworking spaces are flexibility and freshness in the professional landscape in which we live. We eliminate hierarchical barriers because in a coworking space, nobody is more than anyone, on the contrary, it is as easy to find a solution to certain doubts as to solve those of other coworkers but the most important thing is that it brings specialization; These “organizations of the future” allow the coworker to find first-class colleagues and the client in the same space, as well as expert professionals in various areas – marketing, architects, designers, lawyers, consultants.

In addition, feeling at ease in your office in Las Palmas is important and in Hashtag WorkSpace we are aware that every detail counts. Therefore, in addition to good facilities, staff at your disposal and all kinds of additional services, we offer you the possibility of being part of our network of companies and participating in the different internal events that we organize for you and the rest of the teams. Without a doubt, the best way to stay connected between us and promote networking moments and spaces.

Hashtag WorkSpace is a coworking space, where companies grow together. Our spaces have an ideal location and include private offices and different shared work areas, designed to promote productivity. It does not matter if you are one, two or forty employees; in Hashtag WorkSpace we know what you need and that is why we offer maximum flexibility, in addition to a single and inclusive rate that greatly facilitates everyone’s work.

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